Costa Vicentina

Day 1: Comporta Magic ✨

Oh, the thrill of hitting the open road with Gloria, our sturdy Burstner 744, packed with happiness and anticipation for another family trip! This time, we were joined by our dear friends, cruising in their classy Goldie – a spacious class A motorhome. We set out in October 2021 for the mesmerizing Costa Vicentina in Alentejo, Portugal. Our first stop was Comporta, where we parked close to the sea at a public park. Seeing Kika’s joy as she sprinted on the beach and Grey curiously peeking through the motorhome window, was utterly heartwarming. Dinner that night at Restaurante Sal was a feast of fresh seafood, with grilled sardines that tasted like a slice of heaven 🌟.

Day 2: Lagoas de Santo André 🏖️

Morning came with a gentle breeze and the sound of waves. After a hearty breakfast with fresh local bread, we headed to Lagoas de Santo André. This place is perfect for a stroll; the sand under our feet and the ocean stretching forever were mesmerizing. The kids, armed with their seashell collectors, had a blast. We stopped by a charming local café and indulged in pastéis de nata – the creamy custard filling was to die for. Ready for more adventures, we set off for our next destination.

Day 3: São Torpes Hot Waters 🌊

Ever swum in the ocean and felt the water warmer than the summer sun? That’s São Torpes for you! Famous for its warm water, thanks to a nearby power plant, returning to this beach felt like stepping into a cozy bath. The kids and Kika splashed around, while Andrea and I managed to sneak in some sunbathing. Lunch at Restaurante Porto das Barcas was an explosion of flavors; the seafood rice was incredibly fresh and aromatic. We wrapped up the day, driving to Vila Nova de Milfontes, where we parked for the night at a scenic public park.

Day 4: Vila Nova de Milfontes & Brejão Bliss 🌅

Waking up to the panoramic views in Vila Nova de Milfontes was breathtaking. The town’s relaxed vibe made our morning slow and pleasant. We spent some time exploring charming streets and tasting local pastries from Mabi, each bite a divine sugared pleasure. Early afternoon saw us heading towards Brejão, a quaint village where we stayed at a quaint campsite. The kids had a blast running around while Kika made friends with other furry campers. Dinner at O Sacas in Zambujeira do Mar was unforgettable – the grilled octopus deserves its own standing ovation 👏.

Day 5: Odeceixe – The Crown Jewel 🌄

The absolute highlight of our Costa Vicentina adventure was Odeceixe, a gem of a beach that left us all in awe 😍. We parked on the north side and started a walk that took us to jaw-dropping cliffs. The panoramic view of the beach merging with the river was something out of a dream. The kids and Kika seemed equally spellbound, and Grey was happy perched on Andrea’s shoulder, purring contentedly. We witnessed a sunset so glorious it painted the sky with shades of pink, orange, and gold – a sight that will forever be etched in our hearts.

Final Evening: Odeceixe Delights 🌅🍴

Our last dining experience at Café Central in Odeceixe was a fitting end to our journey – the seafood cataplana was a medley of fresh flavors, and the kids devoured the homemade chocolate mousse. Back at the motorhomes, we shared stories and laughter under a canopy of stars. The camaraderie and the stunning surroundings made these moments feel timeless.

Cherished Memories 📸

Having explored Costa Vicentina with Andrea, and our kids, Kika, and Grey was a joy-filled experience. Every beach, every meal, and every sunset added a unique touch to our family scrapbook. Traveling with our friends gave the trip a communal feel – like an extended family adventure. The kids' laughter, Kika’s beach antics, and Grey's curiosity were the cherry on top.

Till Next Time, Costa Vicentina! 🚐❤️

As we started our return journey the next day, a sense of fulfillment lingered. The trip reminded us of the beauty of simple pleasures – nature, family, friends, and great food. Costa Vicentina, with its untouched beauty and welcoming vibe, is undoubtedly a destination we’ll keep returning to. Until next time, may your sunsets be as beautiful as those of Odeceixe! 🌞🌍🚐