Galicia, North of Spain

The trip to Cangas, Pontevedra and Vila Nova de Cerveira

On a sunny early Autumn Friday, we decided to take the kids and go up north. This time of the year, from September till the end of October, we still get very warm days and they are the perfect time for a getaway trip.
On that Friday we left work at lunchtime, just in time to pack our things on Marselha and hit the road.
Since our youngest still has his afternoon nap, we put him to bed, and we forced Rodri to read a book (instead, as usual, to watch a movie). With everything ready, we set course to the north: Galicia, Spain.
After one and a half hours of driving, we arrived in Cangas (just a bit north of Vigo): a perfect beach, with clear water and a fantastic view over the Islas Cies. The roads, especially near the beach, are a little bit narrow, but a motorhome can cross them (not recommended for very big motorhomes – with 6 wheels).

When we arrived, a couple of hours before the sunset, we parked with the table window facing the sea, and we just couldn’t believe: such a view, so good weather, and almost no one at the beach!
Kika was the first to get out and started immediately her wild running – what we call the 5 minutes of pure madness 🙂 We went immediately after her.
The most braves went swimming on the “not-so-cold-as-expected” water – to take advantage of the late summer. Afterward, we simply stayed on the beach playing, resting, making some movies, and enjoying the time.
For dinner, Andrea took her famous “Bacalhau à brás” – one of the multiple codfish dishes typical in Portugal, which we followed with a good “Pera Doce” bottle of red wine. With such warm weather, we went to the small and familiar beach bar to eat an ice cream. The rest of the evening went by watching a movie with Rodri.
On the next day, as usual, Johnny was the first to wake up, and I went for a small running – along with Kika, through the empty beach. When I returned, the breakfast was ready – toast with scrambled eggs and some fresh fruit.
Before departing, I took a hot water shower – one of the privileges of having a motorhome with you. We left after lunch – Pontevedra was our next destination.

On Pontevedra, we parked on a very complete and spacious motorhome parking, located in a green area near the river and the “Estádio da Xuventu”. We took out the bicycles and cycled to the city center to admire the old city, its buildings, the architecture, and the “plazas”. We stopped at the “Plaza da Ferraria” to eat an ice-cream and walk along the “San Pedro” garden.
At sunset, we decided to leave and head back to Portugal.