Normally you wouldn’t associate Portugal, motorhome, and snow in the same sentence but, if you combine all that, you can have a fantastic break from the routine, at a very low cost.

Although Portugal is not a good place to ski – it only offers one Ski resort (if we may call it a resort) in the Serra da Estrela, close by you can find many more attractive ski resorts in Spain. On the north, you can choose from Bejar, a 4-hour drive from Porto, or Santo Isidro (a 6-hour drive). Manzaneda is a smaller ski resort, but it still offers a good track to explore on a pair of days.

If you haven’t considered going to the cold mountains with a motorhome, let me tell you it’s something you’ll never forget, to sleep and wake up on top of the clouds, with a mind-blowing view and the mountain just for you.

Opposite to what people think, it’s much easier to heat up a motorhome than to cool it, making it very suitable and perfect for cold days. Most of our motorhomes have been manufactured in Germany (Bürstner and Dethleffs) and are completely prepared for negative temperatures outside. If you choose our services, you’ll get the motorhome with free gas bottles – that will provide you not only with a hot water shower but also allow you to have the motorhome with a very pleasant temperature.

If you are new to motorhome travel, here’s a tip: for very cold temperatures, always equip the motorhome with propane gas. Butane gas has a higher boiling temperature and will fail when the outside temperature gets below zero.

Another big advantage of a motorhome is that you’ll be the first one arriving to the ski tracks – since you can literally sleep there, hence you can avoid the very long traffic that typically can be experienced on sunny weekends.

As an additional bonus, winter is the lower season, where you can rent a bi and luxury motorhome for half the price you get in the summer! If the forecast is predicting sunny times ahead, contact us to see the availability of our motorhomes and live this unique experience ⛄