A weekend in Gerês

Ah, November—crisp air, golden leaves, and the perfect time for a motorhome adventure with friends. Eight of us embarked on an unforgettable weekend journey, packed with laughter, adventure, and a bit of magic 💫. Our adventure started in Ponte de Lima, the oldest village in Portugal, and ended in the charming town of Ourense, Spain. 🌍

Setting the Scene: A Culinary Delight in Ponte de Lima 🍷🍴

Our trip kicked off with a mouthwatering lunch at a local gem in Ponte de Lima. Picture this: long wooden tables, a fireplace crackling in the background, and the aroma of hearty Portuguese cuisine wafting through the air. We feasted on "Arroz de Sarrabulho" (a traditional rice dish) and savored every bite of "rojões à moda do Minho" (savory pork chunks) while devouring freshly baked bread dipped in olive oil. Naturally, we washed it all down with some local Vinho Verde wine. The meal was an experience in itself, setting the perfect tone for our journey. 🥖🍖🍷

Cozy Camping at Lima Escape 🏕

With our bellies full and spirits high, we set off to Lima Escape, a picturesque campsite located in the heart of Gerês. Nestled among tall pines and offering breathtaking views of the river Lima, it was the ideal spot to park our trusty motorhome. We set up camp, lit a bonfire, and spent the night exchanging stories under a sky full of stars. The campsite amenities were top-notch, making our stay both comfortable and memorable. 🌲🔥✨

A Glimpse of Gerês: Nature's Majesty 🌄

Early the next morning, we ventured into the stunning Gerês mountains. Imagine jagged peaks cloaked in mist, autumn leaves carpeting the forest floor in shades of gold and crimson, and waterfalls cascading down rocky cliffs. It was nature's theater at its finest. We hiked through scenic trails, marveled at the panoramic viewpoints, and soaked up the serene beauty. The thrill of being enveloped by such breathtaking landscapes was truly exhilarating. 🌳🍂🏞️

Crossing Borders: The Charm of Band and Its Thermal Springs 🛀

As the daylight began to fade, we made our way across the border to Band, Spain, famous for its natural thermal springs. We found a quiet spot to park our motorhome, and although the night air was chilly, the prospect of a hot spring bath kept our excitement bubbling. The full moon cast a silvery glow over the landscape, making everything seem more magical. 🌕

Moonlit Magic: Friends, Robes, Wine, and Warm Waters 🍷🌙

Draped in our cozy robes, we tiptoed to the thermal springs. The water was a delightful 28 degrees Celsius, a stark but welcome contrast to the cold night air. Sipping on our bottle of wine, we floated in the warmth, chatting and laughing under the full moon. The combination of good friends, delicious wine, and the soothing embrace of the thermal waters was nothing short of enchanted. For those few hours, time felt like it stood still. 🍾🛁💬

Ourense: A Spanish Delight 🌆

The next day, we decided to explore Ourense, a city known for its Roman history and thermal baths. We wandered through the cobblestone streets, visited the Cathedral of Ourense, and enjoyed some tapas and "Vino Tinto" at a quaint local bar. The charm of Ourense enveloped us completely, providing a final dose of culture and wonder to our trip. 🍇🍤

Back to Reality: The Journey Home 🚐💨

Eventually, it was time to head back. As we crossed back into Portugal, the weekend's memories played like a highlight reel in our minds. The beauty of Gerês, the magic of the thermal springs, and the charm of Ourense had woven themselves into an unforgettable tapestry of experiences. 🌉💭

Friendships Strengthened, Memories Made 🤗

This adventure wasn't just about the places we visited, but the bonds we strengthened along the way. Traveling in a motorhome with friends creates an intimacy and camaraderie that's hard to replicate. We laughed, we explored, and we created memories that will warm our hearts for years to come. ❤️

Planning the Next Adventure 🌟

As we parked the motorhome and said our goodbyes, a promise hung in the air: this wouldn't be our last adventure. With so many stunning places to explore and experiences to be had, our wanderlust was far from quenched. Until the next time, Portugal and Spain—keep your beauty ready for us! ✈️🌄

So, what's stopping you from packing your bags and hitting the open road? There's a world of wonder out there, and a motorhome adventure might just be your ticket to unforgettable memories! 🌍🚐💫